School Site Council

Meet the Holladay School Site Council
The purpose of the Holladay School Site Council is to meet regularly about the magnet theme, classroom instruction, curriculum, and all other day-to-day decisions that impact the school environment and student learning. 
Holladay Principal
Tonya Strozier

Image of Dr. Tonya Strozier
Magnet Coordinator
Trevor Salago

Image of Trevor Salago
Family Engagement Member
Telishus Cephers

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Family Engagement Member
Flor Salcido

Image of Flor Salcido
PTO Teacher Member
Bonita Stembridge

Image of Bonita Stembridge
PTO Member

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Meeting Schedule
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School Site Council Minutes
School Site Q2 Meeting Minutes
School Site Q3 Meeting Minutes
School Site Q4 Meeting Minutes
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