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All schools and District offices are closed.
7/23/2024 - 7/26/2024
New teachers and principals report to their school.
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Teachers report to their school.
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What Makes Holladay Special

Welcome to Holladay!

Holladay Arts Center Building.With the motto “Where the Arts Come Alive!", Holladay Fine Arts Magnet Elementary School emphasizes the creative mindset. The creative mindset skills support the artistry, academic, and personal growth of students, such skills include Autonomy; Courage; Vulnerability; Non-Judgment; Open Minded; Planning; Imagination; Innovation; Flexibility; Perseverance; Reflection; and Leadership.


Holladay's mission is to integrate visual and performing arts to such a degree that it fosters creativity, equity, cultural responsiveness, and innovation.


The vision for Holladay's students is to learn in a fully art integrated, technology rich, equitable environment. Students continuously develop critical thinking skill, meaningful relationships, and leadership abilities.

Core Values:

  • Love – We value individuals. Love is demonstrated through kindness, respect, and celebration of our unique differences.
  • Family and Community – We cultivate relationships and a sense of belonging within our diverse community by working collaboratively, embracing empathy, and shared decision-making.
  • Creativity – We encourage the integration and expression of all art forms to solve problems, communicate with other, work collaboratively, and gain knowledge.
  • Cultural Relevance – We champion cultural competence, equity, diversity, and the inclusion of different points of view and cultures.
  • Leadership – We believe that everyone is a leader.
  • Innovation – We inspire curiosity, critical thinking, and lifelong learning through dynamic experiences.

Magnet Program at Holladay:

Holladay Computer LabAs a magnet school, Holladay gives access and opportunities to all students. Students have a chance to learn in a theme-based magnet program and learn about future careers in the arts. Classrooms and the school environment are diverse with equitable practices. Tucson Unified School District’s (TUSD) Magnet Programs is housed in the district's Equity, Diversity, and Inclusiveness (EDI) Department. Learn more about the EDI Department's Mission, Vision, and Core Values! (Magnet Schools of America Pillar 1 at Holladay)

Holladay’s magnet themes include fine arts and performing arts. Teachers and staff take part in professional development to support the implementation of visual arts and performing arts in classrooms and throughout our school campus. Teachers intentionally plan lessons and experiences with the arts in mind. Students take part in art experiences throughout the day in their general education classroom. All students also attend weekly art courses. Students can participate in lunch time art clubs for Visual Arts Club, Performing Arts Club, and the Library Club. (Magnet Schools of America Pillar 2 at Holladay)

Holladay Theater StageAlong with providing a theme-based magnet program, magnet schools also emphasize assessments and data disaggregation. Assessments are scheduled regularly for data tracking to close achievement gaps between all sub-groups in our school population. (Magnet Schools of America Pillar 3 at Holladay)

Holladay works with various departments within Tucson Unified School District. We utilize TUSD's Communication Department for recruitment events and digital social media campaigns or post boosts. We work alongside Magnet Programs from the EDI Department on school walkthroughs, data, school site plans, and district magnet program plans. While working on school site plans, Holladay works with our Finance Department on a school budget for the next school year based on 40th day school data of the current school year. (Magnet Schools of America Pillar 4 at Holladay)

Holladay works to build community partnerships to support our magnet program and student academic achievement. We love getting our families involved with ongoing communication, supporting our magnet program, and student academic achievement. (Magnet Schools of America Pillar 5 at Holladay)

Primary Magnet Program:

Holladay Dance Room Performing Arts and Visual Arts play an important role in everyday life at Holladay. All kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade students learn music, drama, dance elements, and even learn to play the piano in Tucson Unified School District’s only piano keyboard lab during Performing Arts. Each school year, each grade presents a musical production in which the students sing, dance, act, as well as design props, scenery, and costumes. In Visual Arts, students use their creativity to create two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks. Artworks include ceramics, paintings, and drawings.

Intermediate Magnet Program:

Brand new for the 2022 - 2023 academic school year, all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students can specialize or “major” in an artform of their choosing for Magnet Wednesday. Holladay partners with local artists and organizations to provide a variety of artforms for students to choose from. For the 2022 - 2023 academic school year, students can choose their major in 3-D Arts, Magical Musicals, Digital Arts and Coding, Photography, Band, Stories that Soar, or Hip-Hop and Street Dance.

Worthy Painted Project.

After School Magnet Program:

For after-school fun, students can apply to participate in Holladay’s FREE Creative Arts After School Program. Courses are based on local artists and partnerships. More details will be included in the after-school program application.

Ms. Rodriguez holds Thor the bearded dragon.When you step into Ms. Rodriguez's art classroom, you might notice a bright yellow friend – that's Thor the bearded dragon! He's been on campus since the beginning of the school year when Ms. Rodriguez got him from a neighbor, and he goes home with her on weekends. But on school days, students love to help take care of him!
Magnet Schools of America Pillars
Magnet Schools of America Pillars.

Image source link: Magnet Schools of America.

Holladay use the five pillars from Magnet Schools of America to set the foundation for our school's magnet program. Visit our Magnet Page to see how we differentiate our primary magnet program and our intermediate magnet program.